Breath Of The Wild 2: 5 Reasons Why We Will Get To Play As Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda is one of the most recognised franchises in video game history, but what's interesting is we never get to play as the magical princess herself.

Many uninformed gamers believe the playable protagonist is actually called Zelda!


The closest we've actually come is her introduction to the Super Smash Bros series.

We're confident that's about to change in Breath of the Wild 2 - here is fives reasons why we will play as Zelda.

New Wardrobe

Have you noticed Zelda's new wardrobe? Well, it's not that new, but she has a new hairstyle and a cape. Her robes are very similar to Link's, indicating that maybe she's taken up the position of a "Champion" in Hyrule.

She's certainly abandoned her Princess responsibilities in order to hone her skills and magical abilities.

With her newfound skills and abilities, has she now found the courage she lacked to put them into action and rid the land of malice?



Seal Away Ganon

The voices in the trailer actually say 'Seal Away Ganon'. Despite how many times Link puts Ganon down, he continues to get back up.

Is it time for Zelda to step in and seal him away for good? Perhaps it's her that has the power to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

Link Captured

If you watched the trailer carefully, during the many flashing images, you'll have spotted Link being grabbed by this mysterious green hand.

Is this an indicator that the new game will focus on Zelda trying to save Link? Perhaps Zelda is the focus of this new story? It would be an interesting development but a risky one at that.


The Zelda franchise has never strayed away from Link being the focus, but having a small pocket of gameplay focused on Zelda could be a new way to freshen up an old formula.

GIVE ME A HAND: Has Link been captured?

Hyrule Rising

With Hyrule now rising above the ground, how can we possibly get it back? It's going to need to be a strong degree of magic to rectify what's happened.

Who do we know with the magic to fight the dark magic at play? If you're not immediately thinking about Zelda...what is wrong with you?

Her skillset is perfect for this situation. But ultimately, it could be that she is raising Hyrule Castle to keep it out of his reach.


ON THE RISE: Hyrule Castle is rising above the ground

Something New

As we've said before, it would be a great way to switch up an old formula.

It's hard to understand what new features and gameplay the Breath of the Wild team could bring to the game.

We have to assume we're trudging very similar grounds...but with some much character, unique locations and interactive elements, how can the team possible overhaul an entire map to make it new?

We must assume a lot of the locations will largely stay the same, perhaps with Ganon gone (for a while at least), it allows Hyrule to thrive, grow and re-populate; adding new locations and characters.

What about the Shrines? Will they stay the same or will they feature new puzzles? Will they be interactable at all?


We've theorised a large part of the new game may take place underground, similar to how the trailer sets up the story.

It's a fine balance between creating something new enough that it wouldn't have just been better suited as DLC and something not too different that it alienates the existing audience.