Breath Of The Wild 2 Characters: Who Could Return In The Legend of Zelda Switch Sequel

Breath of the Wild 2 will build on the fantastic foundation the original game created.

While we're still unsure what direction the new game will go in, plenty of theories have indicated that Ganon will rise again as well as the fact we may be returning to the Twilight realm.

Theories have also popped up that we could be focusing on the origin story and may see Demise (the antagonist from Skyward Sword) return, who is perceived to be the original Ganondorf.

So here are 5 characters we want to see a return in the Zelda Switch sequel.


If you played Skyward Sword, you'll understand why Fi is being added to this list.

Fi does not make a direct appearance in the original game but is indirectly mentioned on many occasions.

A bit of background on Fi - the goddess Hylia created the Goddess Sword and Fi, an intelligent humanoid spirit who resides in the Sword. Both are given the purpose of assisting Hylia's Chosen Hero in fulfilling their destiny of defeating Demise.

The Goddess Sword is the basic version of the Master Sword, which after being tempered with eventually transforms into the legendary blade (In Breath of the Wild the weapon can actually be obtained via the "The Legend of Zelda" amiibo).

If you think back to the first game, Zelda actually questions Link's skill with the Master Sword and refers to Fi indirectly. She informs us that legends tell of a voice within the sword and asking if Link can hear it.

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SEMPER FI: Fi has always remained faithful to the Master Sword

Fi does indeed speak from within the Master Sword, after Link is nearly killed fighting off the Guardians controlled by Calamity Ganon (which is signalled by the Master Sword glowing and her sound effect playing).

Zelda is asked to take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection, where he awakens at the start of the game.

Another small, but significant appearance, comes after completing the Trial of the Sword. While Link is observing the new power unlocked within the Master Sword, Fi's sound effect plays and the Sword glows once more.

If Ganondorf or Demise are being resurrected, it would be a perfect time for Fi to make her appearance. Perhaps the evil forces within the game are too strong for the Master Sword in its current form and it needs to go through a similar process as it did in Skyward Sword.

Players may need to traverse across Hyrule to collect the sacred flames to bring it to its maximum power. This would also explain why the power in the Master Sword is limited during the original game.

Breath of the Wild has a real reboot feel about it at times and perhaps this is another way to bring back a great character in a new light.

It would make sense for her to still be around, as Skyward Sword is seen as the origin of the Zelda legend.



We mentioned him earlier, so it's time to talk about the villain of Breath of the Wild 2 - Demise.

If Fi does appear in the next game, you can almost certainly expect Demise to be close behind. It would make sense for the focus to be on a new villain with Ganon essentially dead.

But it can get a bit confusing as Demise is perceived to be the original Ganon or at least have a connection to him.

In Skyward Sword, after being defeated by Link, he says:

"My hate...never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again!"

"Those like you...those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero...they are eternally bound to this curse."

"An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!"

Fi ends the scene by confirming that he has been sealed away in the Master Sword itself.

It certainly creates the opportunities, as we previously mentioned, for Demise to return and force the player to restore the Master Sword's strength.

In the original Skyward Sword, Ghirahim (Demise's sword) resurrects his master by going back in time.

Reddit user ReroFunk pointed that a screenshot in the trailer looks a lot like Demise, but could just be a depiction of history.

It's been a while since we dived into time travel, but it could be time to bring it back.



Since the teaser trailer released for Breath of the Wild 2, fans have been hard at work trying to decipher what it all means.

One of the outcomes is that we'll be flirting with the Twilight Realm once again and encountering an old foe in Zant.

Perhaps the series wants to give this colourful and creepy character another bite of the cherry after an intimidating performance that eventually fell a little flat.

Zant is a member of the Twili race and the self-proclaimed King of Twilight (although he is really the King of Shadows).

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ZANT TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU: This creepy and mysterious enemy would fit perfectly into the new Zelda

He ends up usurping the throne of the Twilight Realm from Midna during the Twilight Princess game.

We may see the return of Zant, who featured in Twilight Princess, serving under Ganondorf. Reddit user ReroFunk found that if you reverse the trailer audio, there are certain notes that echo the music played during your final encounter with Zant.

He may have been defeated in Twilight Princess, but he is adamant he'll return through the power of his "god".



You can't have Zant without Midna, the true leader of the Twili.

If we're revisiting the Twilight Realm, we would have to have Midna play her part in the battle against Zant and other evil forces.

Depending on the life span of a Twili, and whether this timeline follows on from the Twilight Princess game, it could be a descendant of Midna instead.

While her inclusion may not be as exciting in Breath of the Wild 2, it will create for a great story and potentially bring new mechanics to the game.

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THE RETURN OF THE QUEEN: The Twili princess needs to make a long-awaited return

Before she disappears from Hyrule, she turns to Link and says "I... see you later." It suggests this won't be the last time we see her, despite it being almost 14 years since her last appearance, Breath of the Wild has done a great job stitching together the many great aspects of the franchise into one game.

She also finishes by shedding a single tear, shattering the Mirror of Twilight. Perhaps Link and the gang will need to gather the pieces of the Mirror of Twilight to enlist the help of the Twili against this mysterious evil?

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