New Zelda BOTW 2 Trailer Does Something Amazing If You Watch It In Reverse

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Nintendo debuted a new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer at E3 2021, and most of us watched it the normal way.

However, some, including Twitter user TAHK0, remembered Nintendo's antics with the original Breath of the Wild's soundtrack and started tinkering with the footage.


Speeding up the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer doesn't do much.

Watching it in reverse reveals yet another clever Easter egg from Nintendo - maybe.

Some believe the music playing during the trailer is actually a slightly discordant version of the original Breath o the Wild's theme song.

Here it is in reverse, courtesy of Wolfez Talks


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New Zelda BOTW 2 Trailer Does Something Amazing If You Watch It In Reverse

Here's the original theme:


However, others disagreed with TAHK0, prompting him to remove the tweet.

While it's certainly not a 1:1 comparison, there are clear similarities between the two.

Knowing Nintendo, there's probably also more Zelda themes and even words hidden in there, and some even hear the Twilight Princess theme.

In some areas of Breath of the Wild, speeding up the soundtrack makes it easier to hear classic Zelda themes, including Zelda's Lullaby.


Of course, this is Nintendo, and there's every possibility it's more than just an Easter egg and actually has some relevance to the plot.

We'll find out in 2022.

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