What to Expect from Age of Calamity's Expansion Pass

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Nintendo finally unveiled details about the Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC and what we can expect from it.

And we can expect quite a bit.


From new characters and challenges to the Master Cycle and much more, the first wave of Age of Calamity promises a big refresh for the game, the first since its initial release in November 2019.

There's more to come after the first wave, though Nintendo is keeping quiet about that outside a few small details.

Here's everything to expect from both waves of the Age of Calamity DLC pass.

Age of Calamity DLC Release Date

The first wave of Age of Calamity DLC, dubbed Pulse of the Ancients, releases June 18, just a few days after Nintendo revealed it during E3 2021.

Unless Nintendo changes the structure later, you'll have to buy the full Expansion Pass for $19.99, as you can't purchase the DLC waves separately.

Age of Calamity DLC Wave 1 Contents

Here's everything coming in Age of Calamity DLC wave 1:


Age of Calamity DLC Characters

  • Playable Guardian (Battle-Tested Guardian)

Age of Calamity DLC Weapons

  • Flail (Link)
  • Master Cycle (Zelda)

The Master Cycle was originally a DLC mount for Link in Breath of the Wild, but the DLC trailer didn't show how it's actually a weapon now.

Age of Calamity Difficulty

The first DLC wave adds Apocalyptic difficulty. Nintendo hasn't yet offered specifics about what it changes, though we expect it's the usual -- enemies have more health and deal more damage.

Age of Calamity DLC Enemies

  • High-ranking Wizzrobes
  • Giant Chuchu
  • "And more"

Age of Calamity DLC Challenges

No specifics on these, but there will be several additional challenges in the Royal Ancient Lab

Age of Calamity DLC Wave 2

The second wave will release in November 2021 and includes:

  • New character stories
  • New stages
  • More characters
  • New skills for existing characters

Age of Calamity DLC Trailer

Check out the E3 2021 Age of Calamity DLC trailer below: