Lost Judgment's Tackling Some Heavy Subject Matter

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SEGA's just released new Lost Judgment details. Showcasing over an hour's worth of gameplay through Japanese publication Famitsu, that's given us fresh insight into the much-anticipated sequel's plot.

Once again starring Takayuki Yagami, our lawyer-turned-detective begins by investigating a sexual assault case, though this quickly escalates. With the perpetrator convicted for murder at that same moment, it's down to Yagami to investigate how two crimes could've been committed at once, alongside an initial bullying case.

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Lost Judgment's Tackling Some Heavy Subject Matter

You can watch that below, though as a three part video series, the other two videos are found here and here. Since its inception, the wider Yakuza franchise has never feared exploring society's darker side, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to see Lost Judgment tackling these issues.


Launching next month on September 24, Lost Judgment's coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, though if rumours are to be believed, it could be the last entry in this sub-series. As always, we'll keep you informed with any new updates.

Source: GamesRadar via Gematsu