Lost Judgment's Latest Trailer Is All About Yagami's Gadgets, Gizmos, And Detective Skills

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A brand new Lost Judgment trailer has just been released, this time showcasing the tools, skills, and items Yagami has at his disposal.

The trailer focuses on the new district of Yokohama and highlights how to hunt for suspects, including chasing them down, tailing them, and wearing disguises.


Search Mode and photography options are also highlighted, alongside new gadgets like the Noise Amp to amplify sounds from a distance or the Signal Detector, which can track down, well, signals. Yagami even has access to a detective dog!

Parkour will allow you to scale buildings and collect evidence, while tools like a drone will allow you to get an aerial advantage.

New combat features and additions are also highlighted, which go over the core moves from the first game and some new additions.

You can watch the new trailer for Lost Judgment below, going over these new features:


Set to release in September, there is no doubt Lost Judgment is looking great and hopefully we will see even more soon.

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