Lost Judgment Kappa Statue Locations and How to Clear Where the Kappa Roam

The Lost Judgment kappa statue quest is one of the more difficult side stories to finish if only because of the riddles that guide you.

If you're looking for a good way to get lots of SP, this is a quest you shouldn't let pass by since you get a few additional rounds of SP throughout the quest.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Where The Kappa Roam

Where the Kappa Roam
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Where the Kappa Roam opens in chapter four, after events unfold at the Yokohama investigation office. The quest marker appears near the intersection of N. Sakura River and Tsurukame Bridge. You'll come across two men fighting and, naturally, have to intervene.

The quest giver asks you to help him recover his lost kappa statues, since he wants to decorate the city. The trouble is, he's clueless where they might be. That's where Chatter comes in.

Use the keyword "kappa" in Chatter's buzz researcher feature to get your first clue.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Kappa Paraded Around

Tsurukame Highway kappa statue
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The first lead takes you just a little further away from where you started, south of Tsurukame Highway, or more specifically, the homeless camp near the highway.

You'll see someone carrying a statue around. Speak with him, then chase him down to make the statue yours.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Kappa in the Trash

Kappa that has been thrown away
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The second lead mentions a statue tossed aside. Head to Central Street - use the taxi unless you want to grind for SP - and you'll see several garbage bags piled against the wall between the restaurant and the taxi stop. The kappa statue is behind those bags.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Kappa in the River

Kappa in the water
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Another, more vague, clue is the kappa in the water. Head to the bar district near the far western edge of the map, north of Tsurukame Bridge. You'll spot a fisherman struggling with a catch, and it just so happens to be your kappa statue.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | More Kappa Sightings Recently

Twin kappa location
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One clue mentions "more kappa sightings recently" and calls it sneaky, but the sneaky bit is how RGG added this one in. It's in the same place as the statue in Yakuza: Like A Dragon's kappa statue, at the far southern end of South Sakura River Street.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Seeing a Kappa Scared the Daylights Out of Me

Soccer pitch kappa
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For this one, head to the northwestern portion of the Yokohama map near the drone racing center. You'll find the statue on the American soccer pitch near one of the goals.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | Saw a Hobo with a Kappa

Hobo with a kappa
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If you haven't overheard the conversation about a "hobo with a kappa" already, head to the spot where the man was carrying a kappa, just south of Tsurukame Highway. Yagami learns a man sold the statue to Betten Pawn, so travel to the spot circled on the map above. You'll find the kappa for sale for 100 yen.

Lost Judgement Kappa Statues | 7th Kappa Statue

The last one is actually in Yokohama 99. Head back there once you've gathered the other six, and you should see it sitting on the couch with Tsukumo. Some people reported it doesn't show up until you rest on the couch first, so do that if it isn't there when you arrive.

That's the last Lost Judgment kappa statue location. If you need some tips on fighting, check out our guide to Lost Judgment's best fighting style and the best skills to spend your shiny new SP on as well.

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