How to Get SP in Lost Judgement Fast

Figuring out how to get SP in Lost Judgment is key to unlocking Yagami's true potential as early as possible.

Fights ramp up fast in difficulty, and completing main quests and side stories to get more SP takes time. Fortunately, there is a handy trick to getting SP faster.

How to Get SP in Lost Judgment

The majority of your SP gains come from completing main quests and side stories. Side cases unlock late in chapter three, so set some time aside to tackle a few of those once you're able to. School Stories also reward you with a hefty amount of SP, though there are fewer of these.

In between, though, you'll likely run into some dry spells.

As soon as you've accumulated some SP, spend it on the SP Boost skill under the Abilities section of Yagami's skill tree. This ability does pretty much what it says and increases the amount of SP earned from tasks such as fights.

Yokohama opens to you early in chapter two with packs of thugs roaming every street and alleyway. You normally get a small amount of SP for each random fight, but SP boost increases that amount a fair bit.

It still takes a while to grind enough SP for Yagami's better skills, and we don't recommend doing this until at least chapter three once your first side stories open. Grinding random fights gets stale fast, and it's much easier to tolerate if you're taking on challengers while completing other quests.

Your average gang won't put up much of a fight, but it's still good practice for experimenting with some of Lost Judgment's best fighting styles. Yagami has plenty of skills to choose from, and while they all offer some benefits, there are some skills you should prioritize over others.

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