Lost Judgment Features 8 Playable Sega Master System Games

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Sega's revealed that eight Master System will be playable in Lost Judgment, continuing the trend of emulating retro games within Yakuza entries.

Following news back in June that the upcoming sequel includes Sega's 80s home console, we knew Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Penguin Land were included. Now, game’s developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has revealed the full roster via their Twitter account.

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Lost Judgment Features 8 Playable Sega Master System Games

Rounding out the final roster, retro fans can expect to see Fantasy Zone, Quartet, Enduro Racer, Woody Pop, Maze Hunter 3-D and Secret Command too. The Master System replaces the pinball machine seen in Judgment's PS4 edition, which was replaced by an OutRun arcade machine in Judgment Remastered.

Longstanding Yakuza fans will know this isn't an uncommon trend across the wider series. Though using home consoles is a first, many previous entries featured arcade classics through Club Sega, including Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Virtua Fighter and more recent games like Taiko: Drum Master.

Source: VGC

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