Lost Judgment Best Skills to Spend Skill Points On

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Investing your points in the best Lost Judgment skills seems like an obvious thing to do.

There's so many spread across each fighting style and additional categories that figuring out what to prioritize is more difficult than it might seem. Our Lost Judgment best skills guide breaks down the top skills for each category you should invest in as soon as possible.


Lost Judgment Best Skills | How to Get Skill Points in Lost Judgment

Your skill point pool is limited up through chapter three or so, when side cases finally unlock. Fortunately, you won't need to invest in many skills until then anyway, so you aren't at a significant disadvantage.

You'll get skill points in a number of ways, including street fights, but the majority of them come from completing main story quests, side cases, and school stories. If you reach a point where you can't get skills you want or need for a tough fight, check out Chatter on Yagami's phone to get leads for new side stories, or just look for blue folder icons on the map that indicate new cases.

Lost Judgment Best Skills | Best Skills for Non-Fighting

Yagami has categories for general abilities, including leap-frog attacks and bonus effects from meals. None of these are vital, so feel free to drop points on them as you see fit.

The many tiers of health boosting skills are good to invest at least a bit in sometime before chapter five, and Lucky Gourmand is especially handy if you're farming rare items.

Lost Judgment Best Skills | Best Crane Skills

Lost Judgment skills for purchase

Most of the best Crane skills boost Yagami's evasion and add more chances to pull off additional attacks in the process.

Hidde Arts

This is one of the first Crane skills and certainly among the best. It makes Yagami move a bit faster after evading, which is helpful for closing the gap between him and his foe.


Unlock this as soon as possible. Lightfoot lets Yagami quickstep three times in succession.

Sky Dancer Air Walk

This is the first in the Sky Dancer skill series, and you'll want all three fairly early. Air Walk lets you jump to evade attacks, and the second one, Sky Dancer Kick, adds a midair attack to the jump.


Sky Dancer Recovery lets Yagami recover his stance in midair if he's attacked while airborne or launched in the air.

Nimble Strike

This is another essential Crane skill. Nimble Strike lets Yagami perform a stronger attack after successfully evading an enemy, which makes it a good complement to Lightfoot.

Rising Cloud Vortex

This is a basic defensive skill, but not one to overlook. Once Yagami gets knocked down - which he will, frequently - press the attack button to launch a rising strike.

Hurricane Kicks

Yagami's also going to get knocked back often. This skill lets him launch a counter kick to break the enemy's momentum.


Brutal Delivery

This situational skill pairs well with Snake style's unique disarming move. Yagami kicks a nearby weapon away from him, and it deals heavy damage if it strikes an enemy along the way.

Lost Judgment Best Skills | Best Tiger Skills

Tiger skills revolve around making Yagami's block stronger and breaking opponents' block stance.

Quickstep Blow

Yagami dodges, then delivers a powerful strike. The quickstep is one of Tiger's most basic moves, so you'll be using this skill often.

Guard Reversal

Guard Reversal is Yagami's counter move. Press one of the attack buttons after guarding to hit back hard, though note this is less effective against stronger foes who frequently break Yagami's guard.


In such a case, Re-Guard is your savior. Hold the guard button after Yagami's guard breaks to re-establish this stance and stave off damage.

Knockdown Reversal

This skill stops Yagami from getting knocked down if you get the timing right.

Rising Blow


This is the Tiger version of Rising Cloud Vortex and does basically the same thing. It's still an essential move if you plan on using Tiger style and missed Knockdown Reversal.

Double Quickstep

One of Tiger's biggest drawbacks is its lack of mobility, which Double Quickstep addresses by adding a second evasive maneuver.

Masked enemy attacking Yagami with weapon

Lost Judgment Best Skills | Best Snake Skills

If you plan on using Snake style at all, invest early in its skills. They make a significant difference in the style's usefulness.

Hidden Arts


Snake's hidden art gives Yagami temporary knockdown immunity after he successfully parries an attack.

Knockout Throw

You get the option to throw an enemy after you grab them, and the attack could leave them stunned.

Agonizing Strike

Use between one and three basic attacks, then charge your finishing strike to deliver a powerful blow. It's good compensation for Snake's otherwise lack of strong moves.

Evasive Blow

This is similar to the Tiger quickstep move and gives Yagami a chance to attack after evading.


Evasive Blitz

Blitz is an enhanced version of Blow and delivers a stronger attack after sidestepping.

Serpent Hold

Grab an enemy while the ground. It's essentially a more interesting version of the other two styles' rising strikes.

Clutch Counter

If an enemy has you in a nelson hold or tackles you, use this skill to counter the attack.

That's it for our Lost Judgment best skills guide. Yagami has plenty of additional skills at his disposal, and you should have plenty of points to pour into them. However, these are the top picks for getting started. If you're still struggling with Lost Judgment's combat, make sure to check out our Lost Judgment best fighting styles guide for some extra tips on how to handle tougher encounters.