Lost Judgement Is Possibly The Final Game In The Franchise

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After revealing its opening movie and recent showcase at State of Play last week, the sequel to 2018's Yakuza spin-off Judgement will be led by the famed Japanese actor, Takuya Kimura.

But the series could come to an abrupt and early end, revolving around a potential PC version of the game.


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Lost Judgment Disputes Could Signify Franchise's End

As reported by Japanese media outlet Nikkan Taishu, a quarrel between publisher Sega, and the talent agency representing Takuya Kimura, Johnny & Associates, is the root of the feud. Reportedly, Johnny & Associates are unhappy with the planned PC release of the game:

Those on the side of the game developer and those on the side of Johnny’s are said to have been unable to reach an agreement regarding the platforms to sell the game.

The problems seem to stem from Johnny's & Associates's distrust towards the replication of Kimura's likeness on PC, and general disgust for the platform as a whole.

The game makers have decided that if they can’t distribute the game on Steam, it would be very difficult from a business standpoint, and the series will end with the second game, Lost Judgment

For now, Lost Judgement is confirmed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X|S, while no release has been announced for PC as of yet.