RGG Studio All But Confirms Judgment 2 in Leaked Footage

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Yakuza’s seen several spin-offs across the years, taking us between feudal adventures and zombie shooters, but 2019's Judgment was arguably the finest yet. Initially released for PS4, Judgment starred Takayuki Yagami, a disgraced attorney who now runs a private detective agency, joined by ex-yakuza Masaharu Kaito.

With Kamurocho is gripped by a brutal serial killer, one that's murdering Yakuza and gouging their eyes out, it's more legal drama than action movie, and saw positive reception. A Remastered edition launches today on Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PlayStation 5, but it looks like we're getting further news in May.

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Judgment Countdown Website Is Teasing Announcements For May 7

Update - April 29

Several rounds of Judgement 2 footage leaked since the Judgement teaser site went live. Normally, we'd discount leaks without any solid evidence, but the official Japanese Judgment Twitter account actually shared three of the clips.

Judging from the footage, it looks like we'll be headed back to Yokohama, setting for the majority of 2020's Yakuza: Like A Dragon. And yes, there's plenty of thugs to beat up.


Original Story

Going live yesterday, Sega and developers Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has just launched a new countdown website, with a clock ticking until May 7th. They've also scheduled a YouTube livestream for that same day, promising that "Judgment Day is Coming Soon".

We can only guess what they're planning, though realistically, a Judgment sequel seems the most likely choice. Back in March, Sega trademarked "Lost Judgment", which only fuelled speculation. Considering Judgment originally exceeded Western sales expectations, that appears to be a matter of "when", rather than "if".