New Xbox Update Adds Next-Gen Features To Older Controllers

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Microsoft has hit the ground running heading into the next-gen. After announcing the Xbox Series X and S as the fastest-selling consoles in the company's history, Game Pass continues to remain an attractive feature that has been driving players to the platform.

But the conglomerate hasn't forgotten about last-gen just yet. A new update will be added soon which brings next-gen features to the One X and S controllers. Xbox Series X|S's controllers contain elements such as Bluetooth LE and DLI, and improved latency which allows for more seamless gaming without interruptions.


These features among many other ones will be added to last-gen controllers through the forthcoming patch.

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New Xbox Update Will Add Next-Gen Features To Older Controllers

The update will also allow One X and S's controllers to be used wirelessly with Windows 10 PCs and IOS 15+ devices, and a range of Android devices. While, Bluetooth Low Energy will also be supported, resulting in more efficient connections with multiple devices.

The software update will be compatible with all Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth capabilities, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers that were previously usable with the Xbox Series X and S.

The full details for the patch from Xbox Wire are seen below:

Better cross-device connectivity
These controllers now support Bluetooth Low Energy, which delivers better compatibility across devices and allows for better pairing experiences. You will be able to play wirelessly on Windows 10 PCs, iOS 15+, and Android devices with Bluetooth Low Energy for remote play from your console or cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the go. After installing the firmware update, these controllers will remember one Bluetooth host (e.g., smartphone) and one Xbox Wireless host (e.g., Xbox console), so you can quickly and seamlessly switch between previously connected devices with a simple double tap of the pair button.
Reduced Latency
With this firmware update, we are bringing to these controllers the innovation of Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). Dynamic Latency Input delivers controller inputs more efficiently to your Xbox Series X|S console for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action.

The update is already accessible for Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users but, will be widely available for everyone later in the future. We will keep you posted when the patch rolls out.