Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Change Your Gamertag

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So you’ve just got a sleek new Xbox Series X or Series S and you’re excited to play, but that 10-year-old Gamertag, xXD4RKN3SsXx still haunts you.

Or perhaps the generic Gamertag Xbox has given you when you created your new account doesn’t quite catch the vibe you want for your online persona.


Fear not!

We’re here to explain how to change your Gamertag in just a few short steps, check them out!

Once your done, be sure to check out the first games you should play with your new name here!

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag

Xbox Series X/S


To change the Gamertag on your new hardware you’ll need to power it on andhave the controller in your hands.

First Press the Xbox button (the Xbox symbol).

Then select Profile & System, then My Profile, then finally Customise Profile.

After this, you want to go to Choose your new Gamertag, where you can either create your own Gamertag or choose one Xbox suggests.


If you want to make your own, type in the new name and press A on your controller. If the name is available you should be almost set, though if it’s taken you’ll have to come up with something else.

If you can’t quite think of your own, but don’t like the suggestions either, selecting More suggestions will present you with different options.

Either way, make sure you Confirm the change and now you should be set!

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Microsft Website

If you’d prefer to type using a computer or phone keyboard you can also head to the official Microsft website!

Sign in to the Choose your new Gamertag page with the Microsoft account email and password the Gamertag is on.

Now, like above, enter your own name or choose one of the recommended names!


Once you find one that’s still free, snag it and the new persona is all yours!