Xbox Series X: How To Clear Cache on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

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Like any PC, it's important to clear the cache once in a while to make sure it's running the best it possibly can.

Doing so means it runs a lot faster by freeing up space and RAM that the system could be using, even when it doesn't need to.

Your Xbox Series X (or Xbox Series S) is no different, and it's worth every once in a while making sure you clear the cache so it's running in its best possible state.


It'll also ensure you limit any potential issues or crashes with your games and apps too.

Even if you only just got your console, you'll need to know what to do when the time rolls around for it to be cleared.

For the sake of this page we're going to tell you:

How to know when to clear your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S cache?

It's not an exact science, but if you feel your console is starting to chug and run a touch on the slow side, it's probably time to clear the cache.

Likewise, if you've noticed a marked increase in the number of crashes or connectivity issues it's probably a sure sign to clear the cache.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your data corrupting or the performance getting gradually worse; and we don't want that.


You won't have to take it apart! Source: Xbox


How to clear the cache on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

Don't worry, there's no major work required to clear the cache on your Xbox Series X or Series S.

In fact of the two ways you can do it, both are incredibly easy to accomplish and should see a noticeable improvement in performance for your system.

Option 1 -

Turn off your system and take out the power cord from the back of the console.

You'll want to keep it unplugged for a minimum of two minutes before you plug it back in.

This is called a "cold restart" and doing so should clear most of the cache on either of your Xbox machines.

Source: Xbox

Option 2 - 

Alternatively, you can attempt to clear your cache through your Xbox menu. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller
  2. Go to the right side of the menu to your profile
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Then select “Devices and Connections”
  5. Next click “Blu-Ray” in your menu
  6. Now select the “Persistent Storage” option in the menu
  7. Finally click “Clear Persistent Storage"

And that's it. Doing this quick 3-minute job should hopefully ensure your machine runs as smooth as butter and without any niggly problems.

Should you start to see more issues, just give it another go.