Xbox Series Is Getting A "Night Mode" Soon

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Xbox Insider received a new update for the Alpha Skip-Ahead members over the weekend. If you're fond of playing games into the late night, then we've got good news. Microsoft is implementing a "night Mode" feature into Xbox consoles.

That allows Xbox Series owners to dim their screens, your controller's LED brightness and Xbox power button, which is all customisable too. As part of this Night Mode, that includes an optional blue light filter.

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Xbox Series Is Getting A "Night Mode" Soon

You can see this in action below, thanks to The Verge's Tom Warren, who's uploaded a handy video showcasing what this can do. Presently, that's only accessible in English, but we'd imagine Microsoft will have full multi-language support when this update rolls out to everyone.


Better still, this doesn't have to be a manual process, either. Though you can set Night Mode manually from the settings, players can set an automatic schedule that'll activate at sunset before stopping at sunrise. We don't know when it'll see wider release just yet but based on previous updates, we can expect it roll out in several weeks

Source: Pure Xbox via The Verge