Xbox Reportedly Developing A New MMO, Has "Cloud-Native" Features

Microsoft has a strong foundation heading into 2022, including the likes of Hellblade 2 Senua's Saga and another Fable. We likely know only a third of what Xbox has in store for the future, and one of those new games could be a brand-new MMO.

One of these games could be a brand-new MMO. A new report from VentureBeat says the Finnish studio Mainframe is working on the title, tentatively called Pax Dei, which will be playable on multiple devices, since Mainframe is designing it as a cloud-native game.

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Xbox Reportedly Developing A New MMO, Has "Cloud-Native" Features

VentureBeat said Mainframe is exploring possibilities for the game that could only be possible if it lives in a server, though didn't expand on what that might mean.

While Pax Dei would be playable on several devices, VentureBeat's report said Mainframe intends it to function differently depending on the hardware. Similar to how FIFA FUT or Destiny's Companion app functions, the Xbox console could be the native device where the game is played, while mobile might be used for crafting and trading.

This is all in the distant future, but 2021 is a special year for Xbox. Microsoft is celebrating 20 years since the original home console launched is marking the occasion, a special controller and headset featuring Xbox's familiar green theme.

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