Xbox Games With Gold August 2021: Leaks, Rumours and Confirmed Games

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Update: The games have been revealed, check them out below!

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August's games are as follows, thanks to Xbox Wire.


Darksiders III - August 1 to 31

In this hack-and-slash action adventure, assume the role of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in her quest to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins. Explore an open-ended, living world, and use your whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil.

Yooka-Laylee - August 16 to September 16

Explore huge, beautiful worlds and meet an unforgettable cast of characters. As buddy duo, Yooka & Laylee, embark on an epic quest to thwart the corporate villain, Capital B, and his devious scheme to absorb all of the world’s literature.

Lost Planet 3 - August 1 to 15

Delve deeper into the history of the Lost Planet universe. In this prequel to the previous entries, relive the adventures of Jim Peyton as he reveals the hidden truths within the environments of E.D.N. III, in a highly engrossing single player experience.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - August 16 to 31

As the last entry of the classic Fatal Fury series, select over a dozen different fighters to participate in the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament. Featuring the T.O.P. fighting system, and a defense and counter mechanic, prove to your opponent that legends don’t die…they get better!


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It's getting a bit hotter outside, so we reckon it's better to stay in and play some more free games courtesy of August's Xbox Games With Gold.

The service is a nifty bonus for anyone subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and offers four monthly games for users to download.

Usually formed of two Xbox One games and two Backward Compatibility titles, the service usually compliments Game Pass – although there has been some crossover in the past when Gears 5 was offered.

Here's what we know so far.

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When are Games with Gold August free games revealed?

Unlike Sony PlayStation and the PS Plus subscription, Microsoft's equivalent service doesn't have a set time or day for reveals.


With Sony, it's quite simple. The PS Plus games are revealed on the final Wednesday of a month and go live on the first Tuesday. 

Team Xbox has a slightly more carefree approach. They definitely go live on the Xbox Store on the first day of the month, but as for when they're revealed, well there's little logic to dictate when it's announced.

Major Nelson, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, typically announces the news (if it doesn't leak beforehand), but he tends to do it whenever he pleases.

In the past, we've seen the Games with Gold reveal in all manner of days and times. Sometimes even on the weekend, out of hours.

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash
Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

Recent months have seen these announcements come further towards the back end of the month. But again, there's nothing set in stone. 

Unfortunately, it could be fans who are left waiting until the close of the week before the information is shared.


That's because Major Nelson's announcements have been getting later and later in the month these past 6 months.

To save you repeatedly clicking refresh on Major Nelson's Twitter feed in the hopes that something shows, you could set up Twitter notifications. 

For now, check the bottom of this page for a quick reminder of what games are available currently, so you can make sure to download them before they're removed from the service at the end of July.

Games With Gold August 2021 Predictions

We seldom indulge in Games with Gold predictions because it's almost impossible to predict what Xbox will actually give away.

One thing we would like to see is something for next-gen. PlayStation Plus has handed out Bugnsax, Destruction All-Stars, and Control: Ultimate Edition, with Oddworld: Soulstorm coming soon. We've had Xbox's Gears 5 as part of Games With Gold, but if you have Game Pass you'll likely have already sunk some hours into that.

Still, it's nice to get some Xbox 360 gems for the time being – but we'd imagine Microsoft will have to change things up soon.


Games With Gold August 2021 Games - Don't Forget!

As with every month, make sure you don't overlook the existing selection of free Xbox Games with Gold titles.

At the time of writing, you can grab the below games throughout July – so hop to it!