Xbox E3 2021 Predictions: Halo, Forza, Fable and Game Pass

E3 2021 is just around the corner, kicking off in a few days, and as part of our E3 previews, we're taking a look at Microsoft.

While we know Xbox's conference will dovetail with the newly acquired Bethesda's one, we covered those announcements here.

For now, though, let's take a look at what to expect from Microsoft at E3 2021.

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Xbox E3 2021 Predictions

Halo Infinite

Inarguably Microsoft's biggest franchise, at least in terms of its legacy, Halo Infinite will finally launch in 2021 having been delayed from the Xbox Series S/X launch lineup.

Depending on the length of the event, Microsoft could opt to show campaign and multiplayer gameplay, and we'd expect they'll do what they can to make viewers forget about Craig the Brute.

Goodnight, sweet prince.
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Goodnight, sweet prince.

With multiplayer going entirely free-to-play, we may even get some beta dates to try it ourselves.

Oh, and expect a release date, too.


Forza Motorsport's reboot may be some way off yet, but all signs point to a Mexico-based Forza Horizon 5 to be unveiled at E3.

It may even launch this year, helping fill out now just the Xbox Series S and X exclusive lineup for 2021, but also the Game Pass roster, too.


Despite being one of Microsoft's most-anticipated titles, it doesn't sound likely that Fable will be at E3.

That's a shame, but given the team at Playground Games was hiring writers as recently as late 2019, it's perhaps not surprising that it's some way off.

Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft's lineup for Game Pass in June looks a little less stacked than in months prior, likely because the company is expected to announce some new additions as part of its conference.

Aside from that, though, we're still hopeful of a family plan for the service, and we expect Microsoft to reveal some impressive subscriber stats, too.

Then there was the rumour of Ubisoft joining the Game Pass service in a big way.

Obsidian Entertainment

Reports are suggesting that Obsidian will be revealing The Outer Worlds 2, as well as potentially showing off Avowed – its first-person RPG.

We'd also expect new content to come to Grounded, the survival title that's been pretty popular for the studio.


With rumours of Battlefield 6 coming to Xbox Game Pass, there's every chance the game shows fresh footage on Microsoft's stage.

The unnamed project from IO Interactive, dubbed 'Project Dragon' internally, could get some sort of reveal – but it's early in development so there's no guarantee.


Microsoft has gone out of its way in recent years to showcase indie titles, and we'd expect that to continue. The Ascent launches next month, but there's also Cuphead DLC and Zelda-like Tunic to be shown off, potentially.

Everything Else

Microsoft feels like it's in a pretty exciting place right now, and there's plenty we've not covered here. Perfect Dark was finally revealed at the Game Awards, plus there's State of Decay 3 and Hellblade 2 coming in the future.

Project Typhoon, a new AAA title, could get its full unveiling at E3, and we may finally get the Psychonauts 2 release date.

With Microsoft's seemingly endless resources, there's also the potential for the company to announce they've purchased new studios, too.

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