What’s The Difference Between Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate?

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Xbox Game Pass has basically ensured that Microsoft will make it through this generation just fine, as paying a monthly fee for hundreds of games is an amazing deal.

But with two subscription tiers, it can be tricky to establish exactly what's included. Let's make it easier for you.


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What’s The Difference Between Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate?

By itself, Game Pass is still the Netflix of gaming, giving fans plenty of games to play for a monthly or yearly fee.

Game Pass Ultimate, on the other hand, has everything great about vanilla Game Pass and adds both Xbox Live Gold and EA Play to the mix, ensuring even more games to play.


Another advantage Game Pass Ultimate has is paying once for the service on both consoles and PC.

If you only have Game Pass, you have to choose between the console version of the service or the PC version.

The regular Game Pass doesn’t come with Xbox Live Gold so if you want to play games online you’re gonna have to subscribe to yet another service, which can become a hassle for you and your wallet.

Xbox Game Pass is now available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC, and Android via cloud gaming.