Xbox Is Adding a Twitch Streaming Feature to Console Dashboards

Microsoft is steadily adding fan-favourite features from previous generations to the new era of systems. In September, they gave players the opportunity to re-instate their gamerpic and now, the long-awaited Twitch streaming feature is making a return.

Lead Xbox Engineer Eden Marie revealed that a Twitch live streaming feature is being integrated into the Xbox's dashboard for Series X|S. Xbox Insider's notes indicate that the update is available now through alpha testing, but the feature is expected to release on all systems soon.

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Xbox Is Adding a Twitch Streaming Feature to Console Dashboards

To access the option, users will need to select the 'Capture and Share' section on the Xbox dashboard. From there, choosing 'Live Streaming' will take you to the Twitch section. You can then link your Twitch account to your Xbox profile. When you're ready to stream, choose 'Go Live' to start the broadcast.

Users can use a variety of cameras to stream alongside gameplay, from plug-in cameras to webcams with a USB peripheral. The integrated component also gives users the option to switch between resolutions and streaming rates, from 360p at 500kbps all the way up to 1080p at 6500kbps.

The feature was previously available on the Xbox One but was then removed along with Snap in 2017. Given the return of the gamerpic and now Twitch streaming, other classic Xbox aspects could make a comeback in the near future.

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