Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Goes Live Early On Xbox Series X|S

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If you're an Xbox Series X|S owner with Metro Exodus on Xbox One, you might be surprised to learn that your free next-gen upgrade has already gone live. While it was initially due to release on June 18, 2021, that's somehow gone up early on Microsoft's servers.

Having noticed the sudden performance improvement, one user asked Deep Silver on Twitter what had happened, to which they confirmed:

Hey! We are currently investigating why the Xbox update has gone live, PlayStation shall remain as Friday 18th for now. We hope Xbox players enjoy the early access!

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Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Goes Live Early On Xbox Series X|S

It's clear then that this wasn't a deliberate move on Deep Silver's part, who confirm they're investigating this issue. If you're a PS4 Metro Exodus player though, they've got no plans to release this a day early on PS5, which is unfortunate but not a major delay.

From what we've heard, the Enhanced Edition sounds like a rather impressive upgrade from 4A Games. Implementing ray tracing, 4K resolution with 60fps gameplay and DualSense haptic feedback on PS5, we'll be bringing you some further impressions very soon.