Will Sackboy: A Big Adventure come to Xbox Series X and Series S?

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Sackboy is a fan favourite character, which players on PlayStation love!

He’s travelled across Little Big Planets and his latest adventure is a blast on the PS5.

Though for us Xbox players the question stands, when can we play this game?

So here’s everything we know about Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s chances of coming to Xbox consoles!


Is Sackboy: A Big Adventure a PlayStation Exlcusive?

Now we’re into the messy world of exclusive games.

The word used to be simple, an exclusive game was and always would be exclusively tied to one console or family of consoles, like The Last of Us on Playstation and Halo on Xbox.

Though in recent years the term has been muddied with console exclusive (exclusive to one console but will be on PC too) and timed exclusive (launching on one console, but eventually will appear on others).

Though, despite this, Sackboy has been called an exclusive.


No extra terms attached.

This will mean that the chances of Sackboy: A Big Adventure coming to Xbox Series X are slim to none.

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Unfortunately, to further support this, no other games staring Sackboy have come out on Xbox consoles.

This almost certainly cements Sackboy: A Big Adventure as a PS5 exclusive.

If you want to play the game, you’ll need that console!

Though you can check games you can play on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles here!