How to refresh or change NAT Type on Xbox

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For Xbox gamers, having the best NAT Type is equal to having the smoothest gaming experience they could ever wish for.

For those of you who don’t know, NAT stands for Network Address Translation, and it is how you can measure the performance of your Xbox console when paired with your internet connection. So, all of the connectivity-related issues such as slow connection and lags are inclined with the NAT Type the console is showing.

The good thing is, your NAT Type could be refreshed or somehow changed by doing some procedures. Of course, having the best NAT Type is always the target.

So, stick with this guide to know more about how you can refresh or change the NAT Type on your Xbox console.

Know your Xbox console's NAT Type

There are three NAT Types – Open, Moderate, and Strict. The Open NAT Type refers to the best NAT Type because it means that there are no issues or problems with your internet connection.

The Moderate NAT Type on the other hand could be considered as ok, although having the Open NAT Type must always be the best choice. The Strict NAT Type should always be avoided because it may cause lag issues and internet problems once it emerges.

You can check your Xbox’s NAT Type right in the in-game network menu. But if it does not show up there, you may follow through this pattern: Guide > Profile and System > Settings > Network Settings > NAT Type under Current Network Status.

Change the NAT Type of your Xbox console

Now if you wish to refresh or change your Xbox console's NAT Type, head on to the Settings menu and select the Network Settings option.

You should see the Test NAT Type option, click it, and choose refresh. Proceed by hard resetting your console. Hold the power button and wait for your Xbox's system to reboot.

Open the Network Settings once again and test your NAT Type. It should be better compared to the previous NAT Type that was shown.

But if the method above does not work in any sense, go back to the Network Settings option and select Advanced Settings. Choose the Alternate port selection option, and switch your Xbox console from Automatic to Manual.

You shall see a list of various port numbers. Try and test some of those until you’ll have an Open NAT Type on your Xbox.

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