Xbox Games With Gold January 2022: Release Date, Predictions and More

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Xbox Games with Gold lineup for January 2022 is right around the corner. The service is Microsoft's answer to PlayStation Plus gaming service, as just like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Games with Gold also offers you free games to download each month.

These games need to be added to your library and you can keep them for as long as you pay for the service, just like you can with PlayStation Plus. Games with Gold will start including games for the Xbox Series X|S consoles in 2022, though it's unclear when that might start.

To keep up with the PS Plus service, Xbox Games with Gold will offer two games with backward compatibility, while it'll have two releases for the Xbox One console.

Here's what to expect for Xbox Games with Gold in January 2022.

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Latest News

23 December 2021 -

Recently, Deallabs user billbil-kun has released a list again for the January 2022 Xbox Live Games With Gold. Previously, this user has leaked the December lineup for the Xbox Live Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus lineup for five different months. According to him, these games will be free for for January 2022:

  • January 16 to February 16 - Aground
  • January 1 to January 31 - Neurovoider
  • January 1 to January 15 - Radiant Silvergun
  • January 16 to January 31 - Space Invaders Infinity Gene

However, we'll have to wait until this month ends for the official announcement for the lineup.

22 December 2021 -

For those curious, Microsoft announced the Xbox Games with Gold for January 2021 on 22 December 2020. So it's possible we could see the next big reveal in the next couple of days in the lead up to Christmas. Stand by for rumours, leaks, and official confirmations.

Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 Release Date

Keeping in mind the release pattern that Xbox Games with Gold follows, we know exactly when the games will launch. We'll see one Xbox One era game released on January 1 available until January 31. A second Xbox One title should then arrive on January 16, available until February 15.

Also available on January 1 will be the first of two Backwards compatible titles, normally available until January 15, at which point it'll be replaced by the second backwards compatible title on January 16 for the remainder of the month.

Those wondering when will the Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 free games be announced, well that's anyone's guess, but normally it's made after the 20th of each month. Although with Christmas we could see the announcement a little later than normal.

Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 Predictions

The thing about predictions is that they're largely nonsense. The selection of games released with Games with Gold rarely follows any sort of theme making it impossible to predict. We're sure you'll find predictions on other sites, but you're wasting your time. As evidence of that, below is a list of what Xbox players received in January 2021, which as you can see, it was a random selection that no one could have predicted.

Xbox Games with Gold Free Games for December 2021

For the month of December however, you can get these games:

  • The Escapists 2 – 1 December to 31 December (Xbox One)
  • Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition – 16 December to 15 January (Xbox One)
  • Orcs Must Die! – 1 December to 15 December (Xbox 360)
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – 16 December to 31 December (Xbox 360)

That's all we know about the Xbox Games with Gold for now, though Microsoft will likely announce more for their new year plans in the coming days. We'll keep this list updated as and when there is more information about upcoming releases on the service.

Until then, enjoy the games that you have available for the month of December!

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