Cloud Gaming Lands on Xbox Consoles This Year

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Microsoft slipped in a big announcement during its Gamescom 2021 presentation. No, not Halo Infinite's release date (or delay).

Project xCloud is finally landing on console later this year, redubbed just Cloud Gaming.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get access to the current roster of game available on Xbox cloud gaming, and that means gaming without downloads.

It's an attractive prospect in an era when install sizes continue to grow while internal storage remains distressingly small, but there's another benefit to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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Cloud Gaming Lands on Xbox Consoles This Year

Microsoft is promising a next-gen experience for Xbox One owners.

The platform holder says Xbox One players can play next-gen exclusives such as Flight Simulator using Cloud Gaming, the same as if they were playing on Xbox Series X.


The same goes for existing games, which will reportedly get a framerate boost - though not a resolution boost initially - when played via Cloud Gaming.

Naturally, the quality and stability of the stream will depend on your internet connection. Xbox has made cloud gaming one of its major priorities, so it's possible Cloud Gaming will get an additional stability boost to make it more accessible for everyone.