Xbox To Upgrade XCloud Later This Year To Xbox Series S/X Blades, Hugely Improving Latency

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Xbox is reportedly set to upgrade its XCloud streaming service via Xbox Game Pass later this year, hugely improving latency and the service as a whole.

Revealed by Journalist and industry figure Jez Cordon, Microsoft is reportedly using some of its limited chip supplies to upgrade Xbox Game Pass' cloud service to Xbox Series X blades, rather than making new consoles.

By "Xbox Series X Blades", Jez means that the service will switch to being powered by Microsoft's top of the line new console, rather than the Xbox One S it is currently running off of.

Announced last year, this change will see hugely shortened loading times, thanks to the SSD in the system and improved latency. Graphics will also be improved.

Right now some games, like Monster Hunter World have incredibly long loading times, making playing them via the cloud more of a pain and drag than the convenience it offers.

Jez also goes on to say that the rollout for this has already begun and Microsoft is testing the deployment in its Seattle base right now. The benefit from this change also makes a "huge difference for latency" apparently.

This should hopefully make a huge difference for players and make Xbox Game Pass' cloud offering more enticing. Hopefully, we hear something at E3 in less than a month.

Xbox Game Pass has just added a bunch of new games for the month of May, which you can see here. Upcoming title Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will also be launching straight into the service in June.

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