05 Mar 2020

WWE 2K21: Release Date, Roster, Next-Gen, Cover And Everything You Need To Know

Despite the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles on the horizon, the levels of anticipation and hype for the next instalment of the WWE 2K franchise are at an all-time low after a disappointing release of WWE 2K20.

Plagued with several game-breaking bugs, WWE 2K20 was arguably the worst edition of the franchise that has been released. No wonder fans are not excited about what WWE 2K21 could offer.

Nonetheless, there is still plenty to look forward to, especially when WWE 2K21 could be one of the first current-gen titles to be shipped onto the next generation of consoles.

In this article, find everything you need to know about WWE 2K21, including a potential release date, roster, details on a demo and more!


2020 has already seen numerous Superstars make a return to either Raw, SmackDown or NXT. 

Players can expect the current crop of WWE Superstars and Legends to feature on WWE 2K21 along with some new additions in the form of John Morrison, Chad Gable's Shorty G gimmick, Riddick Moss, Angel Garza and perhaps some of the NXT UK roster.

Will CM Punk Feature?

Having recently returned to the WWE Universe as part of WWE Backstage on FOX, there is potential for the Straight-Edge Superstar and former WWE Champion to make a return to the WWE 2K franchise.

Technically, CM Punk isn't directly involved with the WWE as he signed a contract with FOX so it may be a little while longer until we see him appear in a WWE game.

However, Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was the star of the DLC for 2K20 so don't rule out an appearance from CM Punk just yet.


Release Date

In the past three years, the release date for WWE 2K games has been various dates in October, putting it as the most likely candidate for a WWE 2K21 release.

Given the rushed release of 2K20, players can expect 2K21 to be released towards the end of October on PS4 and Xbox One to allow the developers to fine-tune and fix the issues that has plagued 2K20 since its release.


After the poor reception of 2K20, it is likely that WWE 2K21 will be a more refined version of what will be on offer in the current-gen release of the game.

Expect an improvement on graphics thanks to the new hardware that both consoles posses but other than that, 2K21 is looking like a more polished version of what 2K20 should have been when it released.


What To Expect

With the 2K community understandably angry at the state of 2K20, there is a variety of opinions as to what players are looking for on 2K21.

Some are already wishing away its existence (a bit harsh), while others are hoping for a back-to-basics approach with a core focus on solid gameplay rather than a focus on what the roster looks like.

Others are after a more intelligent AI which acts more like their real-life representatives. It doesn't make sense for AJ Styles to go after his fellow O.C members when in a battle against a rival Superstar.

Hopefully, 2K Games and Visual Concepts is listening to what the players and fans are after and WWE 2K21 may bring some much-needed life back into the franchise.