WWE 2K20: Demo And Everything We Know For The New WWE Game

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If you've been waiting for a WWE 2K20 demo, given that its sister title NBA 2K20 recently received one, hang tight. It wouldn't be the most unlikely thing to hear as we build up to the WWE 2K20 release date.

With NBA 2K20 getting a demo, this raises the question to whether WWE will be getting a free-to-play demo ahead of the October 22nd release. Here’s everything we know so far surrounding a potential demo.


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Following Suit

With marketing in full swing for NBA 2K20, it is likely that 2K Games will follow a similar model for WWE. However, with a short window until the full release of the game, there is a chance there may be no chance for players to get their hands on before October 22nd.


But, if 2K do stick to the marketing plan, then a demo for the hotly anticipated title could well be released towards the end of September.

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What Could A Potential Demo Include?

Typically, a demo will offer players just a taste of what is going to be available in the full release. IF there is a demo for WWE 2K20, players can expect access to either Raw or SmackDown arenas, (most likely SmackDown due to the 20th anniversary of the show) a handful of superstars that will be available in the game and a few match stipulations.


As always with a demo, they are just to whet the appetite of players ahead of release. With a diverse MyCareer mode and all-new 2K20 Originals, WWE 2K20 is set to be the most immersive edition of the franchise in years.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95