WWE 2K Battlegrounds: All five game modes, explained

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The upcoming arcade brawler WWE 2K Battlegrounds — out September 18 on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam — will ship with over 70 playable wrestlers and five distinct game modes. A new trailer from 2K and developer Saber Interactive gives a rundown on each of the modes coming next month in Battlegrounds.


Campaign mode

This is your standard story campaign, and probably where most players will want to start with Battlegrounds. Campaign’s usually where you learn the ropes.

“Throw down in this single-player story mode told through a comic art style as you add to your stable of WWE Superstars to overcome the next challenge,” 2K explains in a new press release. “Team up with Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin as you travel the globe in search of new Superstars for an all-new WWE brand. Play as one of the seven newly created Superstars, such as Bolo Reynolds and Jessica Johnson, as you travel across several regions, battling WWE Superstars; achieving campaign goals; and unlocking various WWE Superstars, power-ups, and items.”

Exhibition mode

Take on your friends in four-player brawls, both locally and online. Exhibition mode includes one-on-one matches, tag-team matches, Triple Threat, Fatal Four-Way, cage matches, and Royal Rumble.


King of the Battleground mode

“Battle to become the last man (or woman) standing as you and up to seven other online players burn it down and try to toss one another out of the ring,” 2K says. “The longer you stay in the arena, the higher your score climbs. The second you send someone flying, another Superstar waiting outside the ring enters the fray.”

Online Tournament mode

This online mode will offer rewards through various tournament types on a rotating, limited-time basis. It should keep things interesting for more competitive players.


Battleground Challenge mode

Last but not least, here’s the classic arcade mode. “Brawl from the bottom all the way to the top,” 2K writes. “Create your own WWE Superstar and overcome all the odds stacked against you.”