2K's And WWE's Relationship Has Allegedly Become 'Seriously Strained'

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During WWE's annual SummerSlam event, we got a fresh look at WWE 2K22. Following the annual franchise's hiatus last year after WWE 2K20's disastrous launch, we know the game's arriving in March 2022, under the slogan "It Hits Different".

However, new reports are suggesting tense relations between 2K and WWE. Following news from Forbes writer Brian Mazique that WWE 2K22's been completely rebuilt - claiming the new entry is "looking fantastic" - a new report by SportsGamersOnline suggests these companies have been at loggerheads for sometime.


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2K's And WWE's Relationship Has Allegedly Become 'Seriously Strained'

Speaking to "multiple sources" between 2K Sports, developer Visual Concepts and more, SGO advised WWE threatened to end their 2K Sports contract - ongoing since 2013 - and work with other publishers. Within this report, they stated:

There’s been infighting regarding direction of the game. 2K Sports and WWE have been going back and forth on pushing back WWE 2K22 since almost immediately after the game was announced. Most of those within WWE wanted the game to release in it’s normal Survivor Series window. Those from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts, on the other hand, pushed hard for a delay of the launch.

Specifically, this report cites the large number of wrestlers released by WWE recently, saying numerous superstars Visual Concepts finished designing were suddenly let go. Sources at 2K have also called WWE "more difficult to deal with" this time, saying they want a "better product" this time and are desperate to avoid a 2K20 repeat.

Combined with Visual Concepts being "already pinched, underfunded and understaffed", some staff were allegedly "openly angry." However, thanks to the March 2022 delay, SGO advise things have become a lot less hectic. It's worth reading the full report and it'll be interesting to see how 2K22 ultimately shapes up.

Source: Pure Xbox via SportsGamersOnline