World War Z Aftermath Set For September Release

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Following its launch in 2019, World War Z was a surprise hit that has engaged over 15 million players.

And its new big expansion in World War Z: Aftermath is due to arrive very soon.

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World War Z Aftermath Set For September Release

Paramount and Saber Interactive have announced that World War Z's gigantic expansion, Aftermath is scheduled to release on September 21st this year.

The forthcoming co-op shooter will offer new story locations in Rome, Vatican City, and Kamchatka, located in Russia.

Zombie enthusiasts will have the opportunity to operate new characters, face-off infected with new weapons and melee systems, and immerse themselves further in a first-person mode.

Aftermath has a price tag of $39.99 but players who have already purchased the original World War Z can upgrade to Aftermath for $19.99.

Only users who have Aftermath will be able to freely access the PS5, Xbox Series X|S upgrade, with the free next-gen update set to launch early next year. These systems and PC will also receive an exclusive Horde Mode XL, which further increases the difficulty of the game and packs the screen with even more zombies.