WoW Shadowlands: How To Unlock The Fallen Charger's Reigns

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The Fallen Charger is one of the new unique mounts added into the Shadowlands alongside Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination.

Initially, this mount was designed to be similar to rare spawns such as the Time-Lost Proto-Drake but was changed during PTR testing to match other rares in the Shadowlands.


The mount has again been changed now it is on the live servers, which hopefully makes it less punishing for players to try and farm.

WoW Shadowlands: How To Unlock The Fallen Charger's Reigns

The Fallen Charger's Reigns is a rare drop from the NPC Fallen Charger who can spawn in multiple locations around the Maw.

Here are four potential spawn locations:

  • /way 31, 20
  • /way 16, 51
  • /way 32, 44
  • /way 28. 63

There is no set spawn timer although on average players have reported it is from 1 hour to 10 hours.

Players will want to form a group to kill the rare if they find it, or join a group in the premade group finder.

July 15th Hotfix

"There's a growing sense of frustration for many as the mount currently feels like something that requires repeated and constant grinding in Group Finder. So with a hotfix that is going live soon today, we're making three updates to the Fallen Charger."

The Fallen Charger now drops Stygia, Ve'nari Reputation, and a chance for Korthian Armament.


The Fallen Charger is now a daily lockout after you kill it once.

The drop rate has been increased 3x to counter the addition of the daily lockout.

Good luck hunting your new Fallen Charger mount!

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