WoW Shadowlands How To Get Anima

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With a new World of Warcraft expansion comes new resources players must grind in order to power up.

Anima is the main resource in the Shadowlands as it is the power of all the souls that make their way to the land of the dead. This is what keeps the Shadowlands "alive" and the players must collect this power to aid their covenants as they take the fight to the Jailor and Sylvanas.

Unlike previous expansions, anima isn't used to grow player power, however, it is used to power up the covenant sanctums.


Players can upgrade a transport network around their sanctum's home zone and construct a portal to the major city Oribos. Anima also goes toward the mission table system, a daily conductor opening up special activities and advancing the weekly event unique to each covenant.

Players are also able to purchase cosmetics sold by their covenant if they prefer to spend their anima on mounts and armor.

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The anima upgrade interface
The anima upgrade interface

WoW Shadowlands How To Get Anima

Obtaining anima is just how you would expect, completing various tasks throughout the Shadowlands will award anima. Here is a list of activities:

  • World quests
  • Completing dungeons (LFG and mythic plus)
  • Defeating Raid bosses
  • Winning PvP matches
  • Weekly quests in Oribos
  • Mission table rewards

The Shadowlands is currently experiencing an anima drought and every piece counts. This means it can be considered a grind to collect, however, with no player power tied behind anima it is definitely an improvement on the system we saw in the previous 2 expansions.