WoW Shadowlands: First Look At Korthia, City of Secrets

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Korthia, City of Secrets is the new max-level zone coming to the Shadowlands in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination.

After being chained to the Maw by the Jailer, he seeks to uncover the lost knowledge of this city in order to aid his mission to conquer the Shadowlands.


Players will find themselves traveling to Korthia early on during Chains of Domination, and will need to complete a quest with Ve'nari to unlock it.

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Once players have traveled there, they will unlock a new Waystone that links with the Ring of Transcendence in Oribos for fast travel.

WoW Shadowlands: First Look At Korthia, City of Secrets

Many players have pointed out that the zone is quite small in size, but there are many new daily quests added as a replacement to the original Ve'nari reputation from 9.0.

The main quest hub will remind players of the Mechagon daily zone from Battle for Azeroth, says Principal Game Designer Jeremy Feasel.

"Over in that hub, we're going to be looking back at our Mechagon Visitor system about having a small group of dailies show up that are very heavily themed whether or not that's Covenant friends asking us to go do things against the Jailer or asking us to get some secrets from Korthia."

There are two new reputations coming, Death's Advance and Archivists' Codex.


The rewards are exactly what you would expect from a new zone, featuring new gear, mounts, pets, profession recipes, and much more.

Players will also be able to purchase sockets and conduit upgrades as they did with Ve'nari in 9.0, with these new vendors.

New rares, achievements and creatures will be coming to Korthia, but nothing out of the ordinary from a new zone has been announced.

Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is still on the PTR and is yet to receive a release date.

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