WoW Players Criticize The Story Telling Moving Into Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

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It is no secret that players have not liked the story of the Shadowlands, whether it be the way Sylvanas was handled or the motives behind the Jailer and portraying them in-game, but now moving into the final story patch of the expansion, things haven't seemed to improve and players are starting to voice their opinions on the writing.

The Eternity's End patch went live on the PTR last week, and players were given access to the first three chapters of the new story, which sends players to Zereth Mortis.

On their journey, they meet an Enlightened called Elder Ara who shows the players around and brings them to a waystone they can use to move between Zereth Mortis and the rest of the Shadowlands.

During the quest to find the waystone, Elder Ara says, "The sacred words tell us that the First Ones places waystones at crucial locations where they would one day be needed. The waystones would respond only to certain living mortals. The ones destined to save the realms of death. The Maw Walkers."

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WoW Players Criticize The Story Telling Moving Into Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

The First Ones are the gods who created the Shadowlands and all the beings that occupy it, including Zovaal the Jailer.

So instead of dealing with many of the issues they created, they crafted waystones that would activate when eventually the "Maw Walkers" spoken about in a prophecy reached them to help them on their journey.

Many players are tired of playing the hero or "one seen in the prophecy" character and just want to go back to being an adventurer like many MMOs are.

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