WoW Classic TBC: How to Level Up In Outland

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There are always different ways of levelling depending on what type of content the player likes to do, and this is no different in The Burning Crusade.

Things will be a little bit different than classic launch, where there were multiple starting zones for both the Alliance and Horde.


This time however, every player will be rushing through the Dark Portal and entering the same zone.

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There are a few options once you make it to Hellfire Peninsula.


The most traditional way of leveling in World of Warcraft, following the quest lines, and helping different characters and groups spread throughout Outland.

Players will want to start Questing in Hellfire Peninsula, the zone they arrive in after they enter the Dark Portal.

Here is a full list of zones and their ideal level:

Hellfire Peninsula: 58 -63


Zangarmarsh: 60-64

Terokkar Forest: 62-65

Nagrand: 64-67

Blade’s Edge Mountains: 65-68

Netherstorm: 66-70

Players will want to be completing quests their level or slightly below, to ensure they are receiving maximum experience and efficiency.

WoW Classic TBC: How to Level Up In Outland

Dungeon Grinding

If the open world is a crowded, players can farm dungeons repeatedly, making most of the endless number of resettable mobs, for maximum experience.


Many players will find this strategy boring and will opt to deal with the chaos of the open world.

For efficiency, players can form groups that will benefit each other, so a full group of melee damage dealers with a shaman will be a potential strategy as they all benefit from the Shamans’ totems.

On the other end of the spectrum, a spell cleave does what you think it might, a mixture of warlocks and mages all using AoE abilities to take down large packs on enemies.

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Whether done in small batches to fill out a level or setting up camp for a few hours, players can opt into purely killing a group of enemies in the same location repeatedly.

Not all classes will be able to take advantage of this, however, those that can see great success, (if they can deal with the boredom).

Mages are the best class for AoE grinding with their frozen slowing talents in the frost skill tree, and we saw many mages take advantage of this throughout Classic.

Hunters can also grind mobs effectively, however slightly different to a class like a mage. Hunters can pull fewer amounts of enemies, however, can kill them extremely fast and have their pets take most of the damage.

Warlocks are in the same situation and have extremely good uptime with the help of drain life and lifetap.

The level range you will be looking for are as follows:

Hellfire Peninsula: 58 – 61

Zangarmarsh: 62 - 64


Terokkar Forest: 62 – 63

Netherstorm: 66-68

Blade’s Edge Mountains: 68-69

Shadowmoon valley: 69 -70

Players will want to find a group of mobs that are low in health and Armor values so that they die quickly, and those that lack any sort of ranged abilities making it easier to group up and reduce the damage you take.

Pick your favored leveling method once you journey through the Dark Portal, but at the end of the day, remember to have fun.