WoW Classic TBC: How To Get To Shattrath City

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One of the biggest changes going from the original World of Warcraft into The Burning Crusade is that much of the old world becomes less important, as the new main City "Shattrath" in Outland is where most of the level 70 players will spend their casual time.

Players can travel straight to Shattrath City upon entering Outland for the first time.


From Hellfire Peninsula, players can travel straight from their faction's main towns, Thrallmar for the Horde and Honor Hold for the Alliance.

Travel west, until you reach Zangarmarsh and immediately take the road south which will take you into Terokkar Forest, and Shattrath City will be right there.

WoW Classic TBC: How To Get To Shattrath City

If you are coming back to the game a few weeks after launch, Many mages will be able to teleport players with their Teleport: Shattrath skill they can pick up from a portal trainer from the City itself at level 68 and above.

Why travel to Shattrath city?

There are portals that take you straight to the traditional main Cities that were in Classic, as well as the new Cities added in TBC Silvermoon City and The Exodar.

These portals can be found in the center of the City.


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Once players reach Shattrath City for the first time, they will need to complete a quick introduction quest that will show them around the City.

After completing it you will be asked to join the Scryers or the Aldor.

If you arent decided you do not need to complete this quest, but once you do you will gain access to their bank system.

There are no Auction houses or class trainers in Shattrath, so players will need to use the portal system to return to the original Cities if they want to use these features.

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