WoW Classic TBC: How To Change Nameplate Distance

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Blizzard has announced a fix for nameplate distance issues that was present all throughout Classic, improving the range nameplates appear from 20 yards to a maximum of 41 yards.

In the first few months of classic, a script was going around that allowed players to increase the distance nameplates would be active, but was removed from the game.

Players have been asking for a fix and Blizzard has confirmed that the script will be working in The Burning Crusade Classic.

It looks like in the original code, the original development team intended to create a checkbox that toggled nameplate distance between 20 and 41 yards, but ran into a technical limitation. In an upcoming build of the Burning Crusade Classic Beta, you can set the nameplate distance between 0 and 41 yards. Community Manager Kaivax Said in a forum post.

To run the script players will need to paste it into their chatbox.

/script C_CVar.SetCVar(“nameplateMaxDistance”, 41)

WoW Classic TBC: How To Change Nameplate Distance

It is unclear whether this change will go live with pre-patch on the 18th of May, or when The Burning Crusade Classic launches on the 1st of June.

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As the fix was implemented on beta servers, it is possible that we may not see it until we enter the dark portal on the 1st of June.

This change is one of many that are coming with Blizzard's new vision of #somechanges and players are excited to see the small quality of life changes such as this added to the game.

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