World Of Warcraft's First Look At Solo Queue Arena Coming With A New Brawl In Eternity's End

Blizzard has confirmed that a new PvP Brawl is coming in Shadowlands patch 9.2 Eternity's End, which will be the first look PvP Arena players have had at a form of solo queue in rated arenas.

Normally, players would need to find a team of 3 players before they would queue up, although that is not the case in the Solo Shuffle Brawl.

In an interview with GamerBraves, Lead Game Designer Morgan Day detailed the initial design intentions behind the Solo Shuffle.

"The idea is that we take 6 players, throw them in a pool, and have them fight in 3v3 arena matches in every possible combination you could form among those 6 players. The one with the best rating at the end essentially wins." Day says.

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World Of Warcraft's First Look At Solo Queue Arena Coming With A New Brawl In Eternity's End

This unique system will allow Blizzard to test out the idea of the solo queue without coming up with a new matchmaking system that may be difficult to balance.

Since it is a Brawl, it is likely to not stay around for more than a week, although players hope to see it stay active for a bit of extra time to fully test and enjoy the system, just how Legion TImewalking is active for two weeks once that launches in December.

This has been an option PvP focused players have been asking for over the past few expansions, and will likely give more players the chance to participate in PvP Arena, without needing to find a dedicated group to run with every week.

We will know more about the new Brawl over the coming weeks once the Public Test Realm for Patch 9.2 Eternity's End goes live.

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