World of Warcraft: How To Level Up From 1 - 50 As Quickly As Possible

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands offers a wealth of new content, but it also refines the current levelling system.

Now, players spend their time working towards a new cap of 50 instead of the previous 120, and ahead of the expansion, the levelling changes have already been added to the game as part of the pre-patch.


Here's how to get yourself to level 50 with ease.

World of Warcraft: How To Level Up From 1 - 50 As Quickly As Possible

Most characters start off at level 1 (which makes sense), while Allied Characters start at level 10 (although you'll need to fulfil objectives like reach level cap on another character).

If you're a new character, you'll be dropped into Exile's Reach, a new tutorial island, while if you have other characters you can head elsewhere.


Even with the choice, we'd opt for Exile's Reach, since it offers a nice, compact levelling experience and teaches you plenty of the basics for WoW at large, too.

That'll get you to level 10, and while you can choose to then head straight into Dungeons for a faster levelling experience, you could queue for some time if you haven't got a specialisation on your character yet for Tank or Healing roles.

Level 10 - 50

Once you hit level 10, you'll be able to engage in content from Battle for Azeroth, a recent expansion.


The quests here offer some fun content, but if you're a player that's already "been there and done that", you can head to any expansion you'd like by chatting to Chromie in Stormwind.

Honestly, you can't miss him – he is a time-travelling gnome-dragon after all.

Whichever way you play, you'll end up hitting level 50 following these questlines, although we;'d recommend Warlords of Draenor or Legion for quests that are more tightly packed together and therefore require much less downtime.

One More Thing


One of the most fun ways to play World of Warcraft is with friends, and you can use Party Sync to link up with your friends for dungeons and quests.

Doing so can be fiddly, but it'll make the levelling experience a great way to shoot the breeze.