World Of Warcraft: When Does The Burning Crusade Arena Season 1 End?

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With the announcement of Burning Crusade Classic entering Phase 2 launching on September 15th, this will bring an end to the first arena season of Classic World of Warcraft.

During the weekly reset on the 31st of August, patch 2.5.2 content was uploaded early which had new features such as the new looking for group tool, and guild banks.


This was technically the release of phase 2, but the new raids and daily quest hubs will open on the 15th, two weeks after the patch launched.

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World Of Warcraft: When Does The Burning Crusade Arena Season 1 End?

The Burning Crusade season 1 will end on the 7th of September, where the cost of season 1 gear purchased with arena and honor points will be reduced.

There will be a one-week offseason, where players can participate in arena games but their rating will not be changed, and season 1 gear can still be purchased.

Players who are eligible for rewards will receive their titles upon logging in after season 2 goes live.

The week after on the 14th of September arena season 2 will begin, and arena points from season 1 will be converted into honor points at a rate of 1:10.


The arena season 2 will run until Phase 3 launches either later this year or early in 2022, which will also bring the highly anticipated Black Temple and Hyjal Summit raids as outlined in the five content phases schedule for the Burning Crusade Classic.