World Of Warcraft: The Alliance Sanctum Of Domination Hall Of Fame Will Close This Week

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A month after the Horde Hall of Fames closed, the Alliance has finally completed their top 100 guilds, meaning all guilds close to defeating Sylvanas Windrunner will have up until the weekly reset to get a chance at the title.

With Alliance Hall of Fame closing, that means cross realm mythic will finally open, a feature many players wish was a feature earlier.


While no more names can fit on the page past 100, Blizzard leaves the achievement up for the reset of the reset to make it fair for the guilds who have scheduled raids later in the week.

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World Of Warcraft: The Alliance Sanctum Of Domination Hall Of Fame Will Close This Week

Blizzard confirmed in the hotfix notes for September 16th, that the Hall of Fame will close and cross-realm groups will be able to enter the Sanctum of Domination on Mythic difficulty.

Screenshot of the final ten guilds in the Alliance Hall of Fame for World of Warcraft Shadowlands latest raid Sanctum of Domination
The Alliance Hall of Fame has finally closed

The Hall of Fame achievement gives guilds a unique title for players of that guild who have defeated the current end-tier boss.

This tier players were awarded <Name> Famed Bane of the Banshee Queen.

While the tier started off slow, many guilds were quick to power through the raid thanks to nerfs and fix to the harder bosses.

Complexity Limit's raid leader Max said after their world second kill that the Sanctum of Domination will be the easiest Cutting Edge of all time, thanks to easier bosses towards the end of the raid, and Sylvanas expected to be a lot easier for guilds who go into the fight fully geared.