World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Weekly PvP Brawl Rotation

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PvP brawls are a fun way to shake up the list of battlegrounds for players by changing the base gameplay to fun and wacky mechanics that deviate from the normal style of the past 17 years.

There are currently 12 different Brawls, and they each rotate each week ensuring there are always new refreshing game modes to play.

To get started, players need to open the group finder (Default "i") and navigate to the Player vs. Player tab, where under quick match, will find the weekly Brawl on the bottom.

Players can earn the same rewards as a normal battleground, but will also be able to complete a quest that is picked up from the Adventure Guide or a popup when they enter the game, which will award extra Marks of Honor, Conquest, and Honor Points once a week.

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Weekly PvP Brawl Rotation

Packed House Warfare

  • 14th - 21st July
  • 6th - 13th October
  • 29th December - 5th January

Deep Six Resource Race

  • 21st - 28th July
  • 13th - 20th October

Frozen Arathi Basin Resource Race

  • 28th July - 4th August
  • 20th - 27th October

Gravity Lapse Resource Race

  • 4th - 11th August
  • 27th October - 3rd November

Comp Stomp

  • 11th - 18th August
  • 3rd - 10th November

Deepwind Dunk

  • 18th - 25th August
  • 10th -17th November

Shado-pan Showdown

  • 25th August - 1st September
  • 17th - 24th November

Warsong Scramble Capture The Flag

  • 1st - 8th September
  • 17th - 24th November

Cooking Impossible Resource Race

  • 8th - 15th September
  • 1st - 8th December

Temple Of Hotmogu

  • 15th - 22nd September
  • 8th -15th December

Southshore VS. Tarren Mill Warfare

  • 22nd -29th September
  • 15th - 22nd December

Classic Ashran Warfare

  • 29th September - 6th October
  • 22nd - 29th December

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