What's Happening In World Of Warcraft This Week?

Each week in World of Warcraft there are new events players can participate in for either fun or extra rewards, and often contain a mixture of PvE and PvP content so everyone has something to try out.

Patch 9.1.5 is finally here and players will finally be able to participate in all the new quality of life features coming to the game, including freely switching covenants, catch-up systems, and much more.

A reminder that Legion Timewalking will not be making its way to the game until the 7th of December.

Each week there is a new PvP Brawl active which spices up the gameplay differently from the traditional battlegrounds, and this week Cooking Impossible makes a return in which players compete in a unique Valley of the Fout Winds Battleground to capture enough ingredients to will a cooking pot with the first to return them all to Nomi wins.

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What's Happening In World Of Warcraft This Week?

This week's main weekly event is the Pet Battle Bonus event and players can pick up the weekly quest from Caretaker Kah'Toll in Oribos next to the great vault, which will task players to complete 5 PvP Pet Battles, for a free level 25 pet token.

Bastion has the world boss rotation this week, with Valinor, The Light of Eons available for players to defeat for legendary powers.

World of Warcraft's 17th Anniversary has begun, and players can complete all activities apart of the event as well as the new World Boss Doomwalker, who drops a new mount, and is on a daily lockout and can be defeated by players level 30 and up. The anniversary is set to end on Monday, 6th of December.

Korrak's Revenge is also up as part of the anniversary event, with a mount up for grabs for people who have not completed it before, and a fun way to experience the old Alterac Valley.


This is also the final week before Legion Timewalking makes its firs appearance,

There is a lot to do this week in World of Warcraft, and there will be many players returning to the game after a break to take advantage of all the new quality of life changes arriving with the new patch and this is also the final week before Legion Timewalking makes its first appearance.

Whether you want some action or just want to have some fun, there is something for everyone this week in World of Warcraft.