World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Mythic+ Affix Rotation For 9.1

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Each week the rotation for Mythic+ affixes changes, and in Chains of Domination, players saw combinations that have not been seen for a long time.

The full list of affixes this week is Tyrannical, Inspiring, Quaking, And Tormented, which is week 10 of the rotation.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Mythic+ Affix Rotation For 9.1

As always the rotation between Fortified and Tyrannical switches on a weekly basis, and this week players will need to deal with the Tyrannical debuff on all mobs beginning at the +2 level.

Fortified increases the damage and health values of all non-boss enemies inside of the dungeon, scaling higher with the key level.

Tyrannical will increase the damage and health values of all bosses inside the instance.

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As always this season, on the +10 and above level, players will need to deal with the Tormented seasonal affix which spawns 4 extra tormenters players will need to deal with throughout each dungeon.


Below is a list of the 12-week rotation based on what we have seen in this patch so far.

Week +2 Affix +4 Affix +7 Affix +4 affix

Once week 12 has ended the rotation will continue from the beginning for the remainder of the patch.

Because we do not know the length of the remainder of the patch, we can expect to see the rotation completely circulate once more.

With the announcement of patch 9.1.5, we are unlikely to see a change in Mythic+ although, with the introduction of Legion Timewalking, we do not know how this will tie into the current season of Shadowlands.

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