World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: How To Unlock Maelie The Wanderer Mount

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As with any new World of Warcraft patch, there are many new mounts introduced into the game for players to earn, with some being random drops or others that require daily or secret actions in order to unlock.

Chains of Domination has seen many new mounts added with a majority of them coming from the new daily quest area Korthia, City of secrets.

Maelie the Wanderer is one of those new secret mounts that can be found "wandering" around Korthia.


World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: How To Unlock Maelie The Wanderer Mount

Each day Maelie has a chance to spawn at a new location and a player will need to click on the NPC to register that day's completion of the hidden event.

She will only be clickable for a limited amount of time before she despawns and goes on a hidden timer.

After six days of finding Maelie, players will be able to accept a quest from Tinybell who resides at Keeper's Respite in Korthia who will reward the Reins of the Wanderer.

Here is a list of confirmed locations Maelie can be found.

  • 43.0, 32.6
  • 49.3, 41.7
  • 50.3, 22.9
  • 39.7, 34.9
  • 61.3, 40.3
  • 30.0, 55.6
  • 42.8, 60.4
  • 60.0, 15.2
  • 38.4, 31.4
  • 41.3, 27.5

If you have a waypoint addon you can input these with the /way command and each location will appear on the map.

Also, use a /target Maelie macro when searching to find the NPC easier.

Maelie's mount text reads "A curious and inquisitive doe, she doesn't mean to worry her master, she just gets distracted easily. Especially with all of the new things to see on Korthia."

She is a recolor of a basic Cloudrunner skin, although her unique color leaves people searching endlessly for the mount.

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