World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands How To Change Covenants In Patch 9.1.5

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Borrowed power has taken a step back in the Shadowlands, mainly in power levels, but it is definitely still around.

Instead of a new talent row, the max level power gains come from aligning yourself with one of the four covenants that you help during the Shadowlands leveling campaign.


Upon reaching max level, players will be asked to side with one of these covenants to gain their powers which include a mix of passive abilities and unique class-specific abilities that will change how your class plays.

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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands How To Change Covenants In Patch 9.1.5

One of the biggest changes coming with patch 9.1.5 is the ability to freely switch between covenants which have been something players have been asking for since the beginning of the beta.


Before players can change covenants without any consequences, they must each Renown level 80 on at least one character on their account. This unlocks the swap for all characters connected on a account.

Once you have level 80 renown, all you need to do is visit 'The Enclave' quarter in Oribos.

Talk to a representative of the covenant you are wishing to join to start the process, and from there you will be asked multiple times to make sure you wish to change and without the need to complete any quests, you will now be part of your new Covenant.

What do you lose when you switch Covenants?

Renown is reset upon joining a Covenant for the first time, although Blizzard is adding a catch-up item that can be purchased upon hitting 80 renown (which you already were before switching) which gives 40 renown instantly.


Players will need to complete their new covenant campaign, although there is a skip coming for the first campaign in patch 9.1.5 if a player has completed that same campaign before.

All deposited Anima stays with the covenant you left, so be sure to bring some tokens over before you switch.

Players will need to farm mission followers again if they wish to complete the mission board, as well as, rebuild all of their Covenant buildings.

Returning to a previous Covenant will restore all renown, buildings, followers, and progress meaning after a small grind, players can have the power of all covenants ready to switch to.