World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfixes For August 5th

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Today's list of Hotfixes focuses on some class bug fixes, some much-needed changes to the Sanctum of Domination Raid, and more bug fixes around different forms of content.

One of the major updates today, add a fast travel system inside the Sanctum of Domination, as players found it tedious to travel back and forth inside the raid.


The final encounter Sylvanas Windrunner has also seen some bug fixes, which will be helpful to some guilds still progressing the fight.

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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfixes For August 5th


  • Demon Hunter
    • Fixed an issue that caused Blood Moon (PvP Talent) to fail to grant the Demon Hunter leech.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Demon Hunter from gaining Fury/Pain with Consume Magic.
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • Earth and Fire spirits now properly remove themselves from crowd-control effects when the Storm spirit activates effects such as Gladiator's Medallion.
  • Rogue
    • Serrated Bone Spike (Necrolord Ability) will no longer remove itself after a short duration on some targets such as target dummies.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Serrated Bone Spike (Necrolord Ability) from refunding a charge when targets die after being affected by the ability multiple times.
    • Assassination
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Echoing Reprimand (Kyrian Ability) from granting the proper duration to Envenom when consumed.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanctum of Domination
    • Added death gates to assist in traversing through the Sanctum of Domination.
    • Painsmith Raznal
      • Fixed an issue that caused hunter’s Feign Death to remove the visual of Shadowsteel Chains for other players.
    • Sylvanas Windrunner
      • Wailing Arrow and Black Arrow should no longer fail to cast on targets who become invisible.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the portal from Throne of the Damned to The Pinnacle of Domination to be active during the encounter.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Mawforged Goliath's Aura of Violence to apply to player pets and guardians.

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Player versus Player

  • Arenas
    • Fixed an issue that caused some players actively engaging in combat inside the Robodrome from being Zapped by the anti-exploit starting area lasers.


  • "The Dawnkeep Prisoner" quest is no longer required for completing The Unseen Guests chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Torments
    • Fixed an issue where Reinforced: Commanding was applied on unintended targets. The buff should now only apply to nearby enemies friendly to each Elite creature.