World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfix Targets PvP Gear And Leveling Issues

With a hotfix to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands today, Blizard has fixed an issue that was causing Rated PvP items selected from the weekly great vault to not have a chance at gaining bonus attributes or sockets.

There was also a second bug identified and fixed which caused these PvP items to not be upgradable by socket items from Korthia Research.

Another major bug was renown not being awarded to players who chose to level through the threads of fate by completing Shadowlands dungeons.

This change on top of alt accounts of a main which has level 80 renown can purchase instant 40 renown at level 50 once they choose a covenant and begin earning renown on their way to level 60.

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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfix Targets PvP Gear And Leveling Issues

Items and Rewards

  • Rated PvP items acquired from the Great Vault will now properly have a chance to generate random minor attributes or sockets. In addition, Rated PvP items that were previously acquired from the Great Vault in 9.1.5 are now eligible targets for items that add sockets.
Developers’ note: While fixing the first issue, we uncovered and fixed an additional bug that caused affected 9.1.5 items to be unable to be upgraded.


  • Fixed an issue previously preventing players from donating to the construction table in Broken Shore.

Threads of Fate

  • Fixed an issue preventing Renown from being rewarded in Shadowlands dungeons for players leveling up who have already chosen a Covenant through Threads of Fate.

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